About Us

Who are we and what makes us tick?

Christy MoormannChristy Moorma pnn


Christy brings over 8 years of experience in digital design. She thrives on all aspects of the experience from understanding user motivations to crafting interactions that convert website visitors into customers.


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Franklin TarterFranklin Tarter


Franklin combines critical and creative thinking as well as a drive to deliver excellence to clients. He enjoys bringing out-of-the-box problem solving to both the technical and non-technical aspects of business.


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Our Principles

Understand the user.

As we work, we are guided by the question: how is this serving the user? Successful products are not created by chasing trends. They are purposefully designed to solve a problem for a person.

Remove obstacles.

It’s normal to encounter obstructions on the road from discovery to launch such as subjectivity around design or uncertainty in purpose. We’ve honed our instincts for recognizing and working through these obstacles.

Experiment and grow.

We embrace the chance for assumptions to be invalidated (or validated!) by real results. Technology has made experimentation and continual improvement possible like never before. The way we build allows us to see how well a product is working and how it could be improved.

Let's build something great.